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High Quality Audio & Video Conferencing - For Small to Large Groups

Allow communication and collaboration over a distance between two or more people where audio and video is transmitted in real time, allow to share multimedia files on-the-fly, enrich with powerful moderation tools, offer high quality Audio-Video streaming

How Does Virtual Classroom Solution Work?

Dynamic Video Conferencing Solutions
Meet with anyone, anywhere, in HD

Full HD Video and Entire Room Audio Coverage

Make it feel like everyone's together in the same room. EAPL Conference Rooms are the standard because they deliver the clearest sound to every participant in every location. Our advanced audio technology allows each conference phone to intelligently adapt to different room environments. So everyone can hear and be heard, even when more than one person talks at a time. You'll eliminate confusion and enhance productivity. Not a single word—or opportunity—gets missed.


Its very easy to setup a video meeting with people while using EAPL's Video Conferencing system, you just have to click on the link for instant access. You don't require any technical expertise to use this system. Anyone can connect with the ongoing live conference using any internet enabled device such as PC, MAC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc.


Everyone hears and can be heard with our high quality speakerphone, which delivers sound that's crisp, clear, and highly intelligible. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology make conversations natural-sounding while reducing reverberation and ambient noise.

The Most Powerful & Advanced Audio/Video Conference to Fulfill Your Every Need

Audio/Video Conferencing solution helps in, meetings, webinars, and conferences to audience anywhere!







Features of High Performance Audio/Video Conferencing Solution

Our A/V Conferencing solution has many awesome essential features for seamless collaboration between two or more people. Our AV conferencing solution covers almost everything you need to engage with your clients/meetings geographically.

File Transfer on the fly

File Transfer on the Fly

It allows you to send files during a conferencing directly without using third-party solutions. File transfer is used when it is necessary to send files of various types: photos, audio and video files, documents etc.


Bi-Directional Communication

HD video-conferencing. Full-duplex Voice over IP. Public and private chat. Different viewing modes

Bring your own device friendly

Bring Your Own Device Friendly

BYOD-friendly, users can join and host from multiple devices— PCs, handhelds and mobile, cell phones, smart phones. Virtual Classroom Solution allows the integration of multiple devices in a session.

Advanced Bandwidth Management

Advanced Bandwidth Management

Dynamically adapts communication parameters. Transparent mode for the user. Upgrades or downgrades depending on CPU capacity, available bandwidth and network delay.

Session-recording and Playback

Instant Messaging

Look & feel similar to other MS-Windows applications, using standard communication protocol named Jabber (XMPP). Federation with consumer Instant Messaging solutions such as MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ

powerful moderation tool

Powerful Moderation Tools

Grant webcam & microphone access for participants, allow/disallow whiteboard control, sharing documents & presentations, and screen sharing

Audio/Video Streamiing

Secure Audio/Video Streaming

Streaming is good choice, when you want to avail your lecture/presentation to your consumers, who has the license to access the media files. The streaming files are protected by secure encrypted technique and cannot be copied without your permission

Audio video Conferencing

Real-time audio & video Conferencing

We offer high quality audio-video conferencing for real-time media collaboration, communication and assessment. It is perfect for multi-site collaboration with up to 25 locations where users can join from anywhere, using any device – pc, mobile, room endpoints

Hand raise feature

Raise Hand Feature

Participants can use the 'raise hand' feature to get the teacher's attention to ask questions similar to hand-raising in the physical classroom

real time collaboration

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration with screen sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, file transfer, recording, etc. You can have the ability to stream content, video, whiteboard and annotations from your PC/Mobile devices onto displays wirelessly

Voice over Internet protocol

High Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Supports crystal clear live audio streams over transmission protocol to reduce audio latency. High quality audio system is integrated with the our virtual system. Interoperable with existing IT and communication environments

Session-recording and Playback

Session Recording & Playback

Allows to record the presentation, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings and more with HD audio-video and data for later use, you can store the downloaded file on your PC in native file format or upload it to your company's website

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