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Audio Conferencing
Audio Conferencing System

EI Analog & Digital Audio Conferencing System

We, Edu Assessment Pvt. Ltd., design simple and easy audio conference system for both small to large meeting/discussion rooms. Our Audio Conferencing helps you to organise and manage effective conference with crystal clear audio quality ensuring all delegates hassle free communication. EI Audio conferencing is the complete audio solution and best suited for conference room, meeting room, boardroom, training and lecture hall. All of our system is designed and customized to meet your specific need and budget. Our ready-to-use Audio Conferencing system delivers consistent and high-performance audio communication for any size room.

High quality audio system is the most important part of any conference room, which results in productive meeting and discussions. Which enables quick decision making and helps to address important issues. We have simple and sophisticated wired and wireless audio solution with exceptional audio quality, consisting of both chairman and delegates stations. Enjoy our feature-rich audio conference system for scheduled and impromptu meetings. We love to provide continuous support to our customers.

EI Wired and Wireless Audio Conferencing

Audio Conference system

EI-ACL-02 is wireless Audio Conference system, essential for any size conference room. It has 7" capacitive touch screen and is suitable to deliver multimedia content. There are following reasons which prompt you to go for this model.

  • It has 7" capacitive touch screen, which helps chairman and delegates to watch videos, meeting content and enables Internet access.
  • All connectors are at the bottom of device, which ensures neat and clean installation
  • Devices can be free-standing or fixed to the conference table as per your requirement.
  • It has built-in two-way loudspeakers with woofer and tweeter, which supports low-to-high audio frequencies.
  • It has Near Field Communication reader which combines security and ease of use.
  • EI-ACL-02 Audio Conference system can be remotely configured and allows chairman to enable and disable the functions of delegates units.
  • It provides crystal-clear audio quality.
  • It can connect multimedia devices in a simple daisy-chain or star configuration where every device is connected to each other.
  • Pluggable microphone with request to speak button, mute or chairperson priority button.
  • It has built in 3M pixel camera
  • 7" colour capacitive touch screen allows to display and control
    • Agenda and meeting data
    • Internet browsing
    • Customer logo on login and home screen
    • Live video of current speaker
    • Meeting management for the chairman
    • Headphone volume control
    • Allows to add 3rd party application
    • MS Word, RTF, PowerPoint, PDF, Text documents retrieval
    • Display images in jpeg, gif, png, bmp and webp formats
    • Supports audio codecs in 3gp, mp4, m4a, flac, Mp3, wav
    • Supports video codecs – H263 (.3gp, .mp4), H264 (.3gp, .mp4)
Audio Conferencing system

EI-ACW-02 is wired Audio Conferencing system has plug-and-play functionality for quick and easy connection of up to 80 Discussion/ delegates Devices. These discussion devices are connected in daisy-chain configuration to control unit. Their plug and play functionality allows them to be conveniently connected to and removed from the system as required.

Participants can participate in a discussion by speaking into the microphone and listening to proceedings through the built in loudspeaker or headphones.

  • Plug and play functionality for ensuring fast installation and reconfiguration times Compact, attractive ergonomic design
  • Easily configured as a participant device or chairperson's device
  • Immunity to mobile phone interference
  • It has built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression for ensuring superior speech intelligibility
  • It has a white possible to speak indicator above the microphone button which indicates when the microphone can be activated
  • It has a green request to speak indicator above the microphone button and in the head of the microphone which indicate when a request to speak has been added to the waiting list
  • The fixed microphone with flexible stem can be easily adjusted to suit the user
  • Discussion device has built-in loudspeaker with volume control to ensure for optimum intelligibility, the loudspeaker volume of all Discussion Devices is centrally controlled from the Control Unit
  • An authentic face to face meeting feeling is achieved by allowing the loudspeaker and microphone to be on at the same time
  • The built in 3.5 mm stereo headphones socket enables the speaker to be clearly heard, even when there is excessive background noise
  • Discussion devices have built in volume control for headphones. For maximum comfort, the headphones volume can be adjusted by means of a rotary thumbwheel on the side of the Discussion Device
  • It provides immunity to mobile phone interference ensures for clear, uninterrupted discussion
  • The Discussion Device can be quickly configured as a 'chairperson's device', which enables a user to function as the chairperson at a meeting. No restart of the system is required. During a discussion, the chairperson can press and hold in the priority button to overrule all participant microphones. A chime is also sounded to announce that the chairperson is about to speak
Audio Conferencing system

The Multi-Functional Professional EI-ACW-01 Audio Conference System which integrates sophisticated Digital Signal Processing technology with high quality hardware, to bring you the most unique, simple & user-friendly audio conferencing.

Features of EI-ACW-01 Audio Conferencing System:

  • It is highly flexible system supporting 4 Chairman & 160 Delegate Units
  • It supports up to 8 active delegate units at a time
  • It is fully automatic system and no operator required
  • It has user friendly interface with LCD display
  • Attractive look & finish
  • Balanced XLR & ¼" Jack Master output
  • AUX & Line output for recording or monitoring
  • Allows output signal level controls
  • Intelligent algorithm & DSP audio processing system for high quality audio
  • Detachable & Flexible gooseneck microphone
  • LED Indicator on Microphone, to indicate 'Mic Active' status
  • Built-in speaker with level control
  • Chairman has priority Switch to override all delegate units
  • It has on/off talk switch
  • Each person gets an allotted time to speak & is muted when the allotted is completed
  • Supports FIFO (First In First Out) & LIFO (Last In First Out) mode in which theparticipant enters or exits a discussion

Low-End Audio Conferencing EI-ACL-02 Wireless

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